Syria- ISIS prisoners escaping from Ghweran prison, Al-Hasakah

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Al-Hasakah province- Syria 30/03/2020

On Sunday, a number of ISIS prisoners escaped from Ghweran prison, in the self-administered city of Al-Hasakah in northern and eastern Syria, according to the director of Ghweran prison, Roubar Hassan, the prisoners initially demanded to meet with the international coalition forces and the human rights organization, after which they destroyed the surveillance cameras, walls and doors and opened the dormitories on each other, they also controlled a large part of the prison and a number of them managed to escape, Rubar also pointed that the prison guard forces are trying to re-establish control of the prison again and that the search for fugitives is ongoing, they demanded the international coalition forces to intervene and assist the SDF in controlling the prison, which holds about 5,000 detainees belonging to ISIS from 50 different nationalities.

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