Iraq- Experts: Health is not ready to face such a virus … and Iran is the cause of corona spread

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Najaf – Iraq 26/03/2020

Experts confirmed that Iran is the source of the spread of the Corona virus in the Middle East in general and in Iraq in particular, and that the first cases that Iraq recorded were for an infected person from Iran, and experts added that Iraq did not stop its flights to and from Iran during the past 25 days, Which led to the aggravation of the crisis and the spread of the Corona virus, especially in the Najaf governorate, which suffers from a lack of equipment and the most basic medical supplies such as masks and others, observers noted that the Iraqi Ministry of Health is not ready to confront such a virus and that the government should guarantee the protection of society in terms of health, food and service, the Director of Najaf Health, Hassan Al Hatimi, called on the government to support the Najaf Health Department with the necessary financial allocations to maintain its work against the Corona virus.

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