Iraq- Experts: Al-Zarfi must satisfy most of political forces that refuse him to pass his government

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Baghdad- Iraq 25/03/2020

Conflicts between Iraqi political blocs are still ongoing over the mandate of Adnan Al-Zarfi to form the new government, where the strategic expert, Amir Al-Saadi, indicated that in the event that the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zarfi, could not complete his compatibility with the Kurdish and Sunni parties, In addition to satisfying some of the influential Shiite parties in the Al-Fateh Alliance, he will not be able to move forward towards forming and passing his new government, and he will witness the same scenario of assigning Muhammad Allawi, and this confirmed the member of the Political Bureau of the Supreme Council, Wathiq Al-Jabri, that the prime minister must first start from the forces and political blocs rejecting him before he starts from the few blocs supporting him to pass his new government.

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