Iraq – Economic stagnation in Kurdistan due to the closure of the border with Iran next Monday

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Erbil – Kurdistan – Iraq 13/03/2020

Citizens in Erbil city in the Northern Iraqi Kurdistan Region expressed their fear of going out to public places and markets due to the spread of the coronavirus, which came to the region from citizens who recently returned from Iran, traders in the region complain of a recession that hit their shops and a decline in buying and selling many goods due to the spread of virus, and then the Kurdistan Government began to take several precautionary measures summarized by several decisions made by the Minister of interior of the regional government, the most prominent of which was: the closure of roads between the governorates of Kurdistan and the dissonance of citizens until the 14th of this month to return to their country before the closure of all border crossings as scheduled on the 16th of this month to close the border with Iran and stop the entry of citizens who are there, and only accepting one family in one place to reduce the spread of the virus.

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