Yemen- Houthis continue to violate women right in Taiz

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Taiz province- Yemen 09/03/2020

In a blink of an eye and without warning, the Yemeni citizen Fatima was permanently disabled, losing her ability to move, look and speak, after a Houthi mortar shell fell on her 5 years ago while she was in the kitchen to prepare dinner for her children in Taiz province, the siege and war series continues in Yemen and none of its chapters has stopped, and the Houthi group continues to abuse civilians and bombard residential neighborhoods and target women and children in Taiz, perhaps women are the most painful victims of all war victims in the country, as statistics indicate that Houthi’s bombardment of civilians primarily targets women, and the human rights activist, Samir Al-Qahtani, emphasized that the Yemeni woman on her international day is exposed to serious and grave violations, including killing, sniping, siege, starvation, and violation of her rights and freedom at the hands of the Houthis.

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