Iraq- Feminist political organization declares Iranian elections boycott

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Sulaymaniyah- Kurdistan Region- Iraq 13/02/2020

The Kurdistan Free Women Association of Eastern Kurdistan has announced the boycott of the legislative elections for the 11th Iranian Parliamentary Shura Council, and this is a rejection of Iranian policy that lacks democracy and freedom, especially at a time when Iran is experiencing a political and economic crisis, In a system that follows the policy of oppression, racism, sexual discrimination, and starvation, especially against the Kurdish people, and the Free Kurdish Women Association described the Iranian parliament as a “evil and threat” council and not a solution and reform council, Biman Brettan, the official responsible for external relations of the Free Kurdistan Women’s Association in Iran, said that the Iranian Shura Council will not be free and will not serve the interests of the people or women, because the candidates in the elections have similar ideas to the Iranian regime, adding that our boycott of the elections is a message in itself that confirms our rejection of its policy.


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