Iraq – Demonstrators return to Tahrir Square after a day of bloody clashes with security forces

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Baghdad – Iraq 26/01/2020

A large number of students and demonstrators flocked to the sit-in squares in the capital Baghdad and a number of provinces, after l yesterday which witnessed the killing of a number of demonstrators and the injury of a number of others in Baghdad, Nasiriyah, Basra and other provinces during confrontations with security forces, after After Muqtada al-Sadr lifted his hand from the demonstrations yesterday, many of his members withdrew from the protest slates in various Iraqi cities. Activists have launched a social media campaign through hashtags for an #emergency- million- man and a #students- million- man in which they called students and crowds to continue the strike and rally in the protest squares to confirm the continuation and renewal of the revolution. The demonstrators pointed out that Tahrir Square did not and will not follow a particular party or political person, adding that the demonstrators all united in their demands for an independent homeland that guarantees them all their rights, away from the ruling political class in the country.


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