Iraq – Popular and official consensus on U.S. forces’ need to leave 

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Al-Jadriya Area + Alhorya Square – Baghdad – Iraq 24/01/2020

Thousands of Iraqis stood in demonstrations in central Baghdad and in a number of provinces to demand speedy implementation of the Parliament’s decision to remove US forces from the country completely, which came against the backdrop of the killing of the Quds Force commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qassem Soleimani, observers stressed that the importance of today’s demonstrations doesn’t only stem from the demands of the removal of American forces, but from the support of the various political forces, in addition to the Iraqi government directly or indirectly to those popular movements that were praised by the pro-Iranian popular mobilization, based on the apparent lack of security from Friday’s demonstrations, unlike previous pro-reform demonstrations, which have always been the scene of clashes with security.

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