Iraq- A protest in front of UN headquarter to demand PMF removal from Nineveh

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UN headquarter-Erbil -Kurdistan region- Iraq 22/01/2020

This morning, a protest of Christian citizens, Yezidis, and Kakai people from the minorities of the Nineveh Plain started in front of the UN headquarters in the city of Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, and in order to demand the removal of the pro-Iranian Popular Mobilization Forces from the Nineveh Plain, which imposed its control over the entire region after its liberation from ISIS about 3 years ago and arrested many of the people of the region under the pretext of terrorism, the protesters raised slogans calling for the withdrawal of the Popular Mobilization Forces, which they described as “escaped” militias, refusing to turn the Nineveh Plain into a camp. The Nineveh Plain is a historic home for many Iraqi sects, including Sunni Arabs, Kurds, Shabaks, Turkmen, Yazidis, Christians, and Kakaiyis.

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