Iraq- Winter didn’t prevent protesters from achieving their goal

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Baghdad- Iraq 22/01/2020

The cold winter did not prevent them from leaving the sit-in areas and returning from their demands, despite the bitter cold and the rain, the Iraqi protesters continue their protests in the sit-in squares in the capital, Baghdad, some of them are creative in adding methods and ways of entertainment while they are in the squares and streets, and to emphasize the peacefulness of their protests, the protesters erected a hammock under the Mohammed Qasim Bridge in the center of Baghdad, perhaps their reality fluctuated and moved to a new independent Iraq, as yesterday witnessed violent confrontations between security forces and protesters that led to the killing of a number of protesters and injury of others in Baghdad, Basra and other provinces, and that was after the peaceful escalation carried out by the protesters, by closing the streets and main and international roads, with tires and barriers.

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