Iraq-Despite US sanctions … Iran acquires 25% of the Iraqi market

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Sulaymaniyah -Kurdistan province- Iraq 10/12/2019

Despite that the United States of America imposed a ban on Iranian foreign trade, Iraq is still witnessing the flow of many Iranian goods and commodities, as the head of the Iranian Trade Development Organization revealed earlier, that Iranian goods account for 25% of Iraqi market imports, and that the share of Iranian goods amounts to 10 billion dollars from the size of the Iraqi market of 40 billion dollars, and Iran seeks to increase its share of the Iraqi market through Iranian merchants’ efforts to open markets and exhibitions to display Iranian products, especially in the regions of the Kurdistan Iraq, Mustafa Abdel Rahman, president of the Exporters and Importers Union in the Kurdistan Region, said that Iranian goods inside the Kurdistan region are estimated at about 45-50% of the regions markets, due to Iran’s proximity to the region, which is the center and commercial port of Iranian goods to the rest of the countries, in addition to commodity prices suitable and competitive for other commodities, for his side, the head of the Kido Organization for Economic Development in the Kurdistan Region, pointed out the need to implement a law to protect local production, so that there will be protection for local national products.

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