Iraq- Renewed clashes in Najaf and Tribes of Dhi Qar declare their protection of demonstrators

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Najaf Province + Dhi Qar Province – Iraq 29/11/2019

Clashes resumed this afternoon in Najaf province in southern Iraq following the funeral  of 25 people who were killed in clashes last night between Iraqi security forces and demonstrators who refused to implement the curfew in the province issued against the backdrop of the repercussions of burning the Iranian consulate building and the Shrine of Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim, in a related context, the tribes of Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq demanded the dismissal of all members of the parliament from their province and holding those who were responsible for the death of three demonstrators who were killed with live bullets as well as injuring others accountable after their clashes between Iraqi security forces in front of the headquarters of the provincial police directorate, after that the tribes of the province announced their protection of the demonstrators .

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