Iraq – Pressuring Iran economically through a campaign to boycott its products

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Baghdad – Iraq 21/11/2019

Iraqis recently launched a social media campaign to boycott Iranian goods under the hashtag #Let it rot, in conjunction with the demands of demonstrators in the popular movement that started on October 1 in a number of cities and provinces of Iraq to stop Iranian interventions and hegemony, and prevent Iran from suppressing anti-government demonstrations, citizens stressed that one of the most important objectives of the campaign is to stop Iranian interventions in Iraq and to pressure them economically, it would also prevent Iran from controlling the local market, which led to the accumulation of domestic goods in stores, the campaign aims to encourage Iraqis to buy locally manufactured products in order to stimulate the weak Iraqi economy, the Iraqi market has been considered important for the Iranian economy following 2003, since then Iraq has imported various goods and products from dairy, vegetables, juices, automobiles, appliances and others.

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