Iraq: National crowd strike ISIS sites north of Mosul.

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National crowd forces managed raiding Kanonah town at the center of Ba’shiqah northeast of Mosul within the liberation operations from the elements of ISIS organization in a process called “The human patient II” has been implemented with the support of the international coalition forces and the Turkish forces and the Peshmerga forces.

National crowd forces led by “Atheel Alnujaifi” and with the support of the international coalition forces and the Peshmerga forces, the liberation operation launched to liberate the adjacent villages to Mosul in the axis of Ba’shiqah northeast of Mosul from ISIS and special forces from the national crowd raided the village of Kanonah and killed a number of elements of the organization, and others withdrew from the area, this offensive operation came complementary to the process of national crowd forces in March where they managed to free the villages of north-eastern Mosul.
National crowd forces used raids operations on regulation to drain the organization of resources and weaken them and remove them from the important areas that benefit from the regulation of their strategy to strike at Iraqi security forces. Alnujaifi called everyone to think seriously about the liberation of the city from the inside and that the national leadership of the crowd is seeking to consolidate this idea because it will contribute to the weakening ISIS and crack down on militants.


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