Iraq- Death toll rises due to protest renew

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Baghdad central- Iraq 26/10/2019

Six people were murdered today, due to protests renewing in Iraq, including three demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad and three others in the city of Nasiriyah, in Dhi Qar governorate in the south of the country, according to official sources, and the renewing of the protest comes in conjunction with the intention of the Iraqi parliament to hold an emergency session to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the implementation of reforms this morning, which was announced postponed indefinitely, due to lack of quorum, it is mentioned that the death toll is rising continuously, where it exceeded 150 person since the protests began earlier this month, because of the repeated frequent clashes with security forces that are using live bullets, tear gas canisters, and sound bombs in an attempt to disperse protesters.

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