Yemen – The Houthi initiative to open main roads in Taiz is welcomed 

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Taiz Province – Yemen 11/10/2019

MP Abdul Karim Cheban, chairman of the committee for negotiations on the opening of roads, welcomed the Houthi initiative announced on Wednesday by Houthi leader Ali al-Qurashi, which is to open an outlet west of the city of Taiz, which has been besieged for five years. 

MP Cheban said, in a press release that the Minister of Works in the Government of Sana’a of the Houthis communicated with him, and informed him of the existence of high Houthi directives to open roads in the city of Taiz in the coming days, the MP hoped for a credibility by the Houthis in implementing the initiative that will facilitate the citizens freedom of movement to and from the city of Taiz.

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