Yemen: Tawahi massacre Anniversary

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A large crowd of citizens in Aden commemorated the first anniversary of Tawahi Massacre on Saturday, which is one of the most heinous crimes committed by the Houthi militias to the displaced as they left the city in boats across Southeast Tawahi port of Aden last year.


The story began by the displacement of citizens across the Tawahi port in southeast of Aden last year due to the Houthi militias crimes and massacres against them, and during that militias attacked the boats which led to the deaths of more than 85 people.
Today, a large crowd of citizens commemorated the first anniversary of the Tawahi massacre in honor of the lives that were lost, as the crowd will implement a symbolic pause and will review the images of the victims of the massacre.
The anniversary was launched from the tourist area of ​​the pier of Altawahi toward Almawana port during the morning and another in evening at the liberation and independence camp.



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