Yemen: “Alshaneni”, oldest popular market in Taiz

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The “Shaneni” market in Taiz province, south Yemen, is one of the oldest popular markets in the historical Taiz, which is still to this day holding on its history and refusing to move with the currents of time choosing to withstand its challenges.


There are many old popular markets in Taiz but “Alshaneni” is the oldest market visited by many from many places inside the country. The market meets the needs of the people of Taiz and other areas and is considered a considered as one of the tourist attractions as it contains textiles, imported fabrics, silver jewelry and Al-Janabi, daggers, swords, pottery, spices and perfumes but it has been affected by the war and the siege recently.
“Alshaneni” market alleys combines a variety of shops such as pottery shops, grains, spices, and fish, as well as shops selling fabrics, traditional tillage tools.



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