Yemen: Taiz Children suffering exacerbated by the ongoing conflict.

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Grim picture of childhood in Yemen, children innocence in Taiz dashed to Statoil and loss, and cases of psychological problems smashed them just as the war destroyed their towns and schools around them, and the killings distorted their personalities as shells destroyed their bodies, rather than adorning their shoulders by textbooks , concerns are placed on their shoulders.


War killed the rest of innocence in children, and the killings impacted their personalities and until they carried weapons over their shoulders as the title of masculinity at home and in school.

Children city of Taiz exchanged their toys with bloody weapons like bullets games, theit games became either a murderer or murdered, as well as in shops Virtual Gaming Children in Taiz are heading toward games of violence and murder.

Recall that according to the UNICEF report recently released, “the ten million children are facing another year of fear, pain and deprivation were southern cities are destroyed such as Aden and Taiz, also many other areas suffered of damages, and about 2,300 children have been mistreated in the last year and killed by the most violent ways, at the very least 6 children per day since March 2015, and that’s a seven times increase than was the case in 2014 and children represents one-third of the civilians who was killed since March 2015



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