Iraq: Peaceful march demanding technocrat government.

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A peacful March was launched this morning and waa headed to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, emphasising the demands of a government of technocrats and the elimination of the quota system, in conjunction with holding the Iraqi parliament session.


Under heavy security presence, hundreds of Iraqis gathered in a peaceful demonstration this morning headed to the Green Zone in central Baghdad, where protestors stressed their demands in the establishment of a technocrat government and the elimination of partisan and sectarian quotas which invaded the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

Protesters in Tahrir Square, carried banners expressing their hopes for a government of technocrats to reform Iraq and pull it out of economic hardship, and reforming the political street in Iraq, which a technocrat government will enable them to fight against corruption and corrupt people in the state, and the return of stolen money to the people. protestors also assured their continueos peaceful sit-in until the implementation of the demands of the people and the vote on the government of technocrats, where the march coincided with the Iraqi parliament session



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