Iraq: Breathtaking nature for tourism in Kurdistan region

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Kurdistan region of northern Iraq is full of charming mountainous tourist areas, the white color that coats its tops with green spring color draws a picture of a distinctive character, and government agencies in the region seeking to revive the domestic and foreign tourism in Kurdistan, which has seen a marked decline in recent times due to the economic crisis and the war waged by the province against ISIS.





Erbil’s mountains, the capital of the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq is rich of tourist areas with a charming mountain nature, where the whiteness of the snow in the tops of the mountains gathers with the green color of nature in a panel to attract tourists from within the region and from around the world.

One of the tourist areas that tourists frequented largely in Erbil is “Geli Eli Beg Waterfall” Resort, and others like Jendian “magic eye” and Mount Korek Resort which is located on Mount Korek, which is higher than two thousand meters above sea level and is frequented by tourists in all seasons , and it is one of the winter tourist areas in addition to the aesthetic nature of the resort, which has a charming view on other mountains and and apartment complexes four tourists to stay in.

Government agencies in Kurdistan region seeking to revive tourism in the region and attract tourists from central and southern Iraq and from outside the country to the major tourist areas in the region within the government plan to make tourism a key source of revenue, along with agriculture and industry.

It is worth to note that the stable situation and the restoration of security in Iraq’s Kurdistan region is one of the most important factors to attract tourists from within and outside the country.

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