Iraq – Former Yazidi prisoner recounts his 4-year abduction with ISIS

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Dahuk-Sharia camp- Kurdistan-Iraq 05/04/2019

The Yazidi kid Moussa was abducted by ISIS with his family in Sinjar in 2014 when he was only 10 years old, and he managed to escape from Al-Bagouz years later. The Yezidi boy, Moussa, remained abducted until March 2019, when the battles intensified Al-Bagouz village, and he was able to to reach the SDF through a smuggler. The SDF then contacted his family in Sharia camp south of Dahuk province. Moussa recounted details of his abduction, and how he was forced to join the organization’s military camps in Syria, where he was trained on different sorts of weapons and explosives, and how he was forces to fight with ISIS in their battles against the region, which led him to be injured in an airstrike that targeted their positions. Following his escape, Moussa has been experiencing difficult psychological conditions. He stammers with words, feels constant fear and is unable to sleep. His family appeals to experts in this matter to provide the necessary treatment and psychological rehabilitation that Moussa urgently needs in order to be able to have a normal life.

It is worth mentioning that 7 members of Moussa’s family are still missing, including a brother, a sister, his father and other members. However, sources told them that ISIS forces had killed his father and buried him n a mass grave south of Sinjar.

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