Yemen: Relief Convoy for Taiz

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Emergency relief convoys arrived to the people of Taiz in Yemen from the Kuwaiti to the civilians affected by the ongoing war in the city, and set up a “Estejaba network for humanitarian action relief in Taiz,” welcomed the aid convoy, where they are supervising the distribution of aid in the liberated areas





Emergency aid Convoys provided by the Kuwaiti government and several others arrived to Taiz in southern Yemen, carrying baskets of food and relief materials provided to the affected people in Taiz by the ongoing war and conflicts in the city and this convoy comes in a series of previous humanitarian aid made by this authorities.
Istijaba network for humanitarian and relief works in Taiz established under the supervision of the Supreme Committee for Relief celebratee to launch emergency relief convoys in Taiz province, where the network will be the authority supervising the distribution of aid to the liberated areas.
The convoy containing more than seven hundred food baskets and relief materials and contain fifty water tank distributed to areas in need and newly liberated regions from the western side.



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