Yemen: Starvation caused by the siege in Taiz

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Taiz city, in southern Yemen, is witnessing a state of hunger and poverty, which affects most of the population of the city several months ago, which led to the death of so many people starving because of the blockade imposed by the Houthis and Saleh forces.




Stores in Taiz are closing their doors and crashing their work down under the condition of poverty and tragic hunger experienced by the besieged population by Saleh and the Houthi forces, which led to the death of so many people and the sickness of others.

The destruction and devastation that hit the city led to the emergence of new needs and requirements that tires low-income people, like treatments and medicines for war injuries which people cannot afford for because of the high prices and the lack of incomes

Taiz people are suffering from work crashes and unemployment among the population as a result of war and destruction in addition to the blockade, which caused a scarcity of availability of medicines, food and forced many to resort to begging.



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