Iraq: Repeated attacks on Kirkuk Oil lines

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The repeated violations on oil lines of Kirkuk and Kurdistan fields on Turkish land with losses that exceed 20 million dollars daily due to reports from energy committee and Kirkuk province council amid accusation of corruption from civilians and observers.

The power committee in Kirkuk and the province council claim that the oil wasted from oil fields in Kirkuk is due to the repeated violations on the transport lines through the Turkish land causing losses that reach up to 20 million dollars daily from the oil income to the province.

The oil transport lines of Kirkuk and Kurdistan region have export capacity of 600000 barrel of oil per day but the armed attack on the lines in the Turkish side is causing the loss in thousands of barrels daily.

On the other hand, citizens and observers of oil fields accuse of administrational corruption which is causing the tremendous losses where import and export is happening without any transparent information to the people.

Iraqi government and Kurdistan regional government economy depend on oil with 90% and therefore is falling price below 30$ per barrel is causing a drop in the Iraqi economies and causing a lot of problems between the governments.



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