Jordan: Post Clashes with terrorists

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Irbid province in Nothern Jordan is witnessing a peace after stopping terrorist plans of ISIS members that clashed with Jordanian security forces who killed 7 terrorists and arrested 13 others.

Irbid is the 2nd largest province in Jordan and is located in the Northern part which is the city that witnessed the clashes between ISIS members that aimed to destabilize the security by targeting civilian and military regions in the city but they failed because they were exposed by the Jordanian security forces who ambushed them and killed 7 and arrested 13 terrorists, on the other hand, Jordan lost a member of general security, lieutenant Rashid Alzeyoud who lost his life for the countries peace and stability.

The Martyrs funeral occurred in Zarqa province at the hero father home with many people attendance to comfort the family of the martyr who lost his life for this country and its peace.

Experts and analysts praised Jordanian people unity and their work to prevent terrorist from infiltrating Jordan.




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