Jordan – Jordan national football team continues training in preparation for Spain match


Title: Jordan – Jordan national football team continues training in preparation for Spain match

Location: Amman – Jordan

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:33

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Source: A24 in Amman

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Date: 11/08/2022


Jordan national football team continues its physical and technical training, led by coach Adnan Hamad, which began Sunday, in preparation for the upcoming friendly match against Spain national team on the evening of November 17 at Amman International Stadium in capital Amman.

Jordanian, Arab and international fans are looking forward to watching the friendly match that will bring together Jordan and Spain national football teams.

Coach of Jordan national football team, Adnan Hamad told A24 that the choice for Jordan team to play against Spain team was made after a technical study of the team and its capabilities.

Sports analysts told A24 that this match is an opportunity to promote Jordanian players globally, and an opportunity for Jordan national team to interact with the stars of Spain national team, which is candidate for World Cup.


– Soundbite (Adnan Hamad – Coach of the Jordanian national team):

– “Choosing Spain national team to play against Jordan national team is not arbitrary, we played 11 months ago with the Kosovo national team, which played in Spain group in World Cup, and the Spanish were watching the match that we won 2-0. Kosovo team tied in its match against Greece team after 4 days and then lost 2-0 in its match against Spain team. Our team also won against New Zealand team, which played a World Cup play-off in Dubai. Our team held its own in its match against Australia team, which qualified for World Cup. That match gave a great impression of our team, which was chosen to play against Spain team after a technical study of the team and its capabilities.”

– Soundbite (Khaled Khatatbeh – Sports journalist):

“This is an opportunity for the audience to watch up close players of Barcelona team, Real Madrid team and La Liga. The match will be a public event and also an opportunity for our players to interact and compete. This match is the biggest competition for our players, as we will play against the stars of Spain national team, who are candidates for World Cup. Spain team always participates in World Cup, and it is the 2010 World Cup champion. Spain team is coming to Jordan to play this match that will be an opportunity for the team to gain experience in some tactics it will apply in World Cup against Japan team.”

– Soundbite (Muhannad Jweils – Sports journalist):

“This match will definitely benefit Jordan national team, because Spain national team won world champion once and European champion three times. Jordan team will be facing a strong and experienced team, unlike low-level teams it is used to play against. This is a big an opportunity for players aiming to be professional players abroad. Players need to take this match very seriously because it will be the focus of attention of various local and international media outlets.”

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