Yemen – Public concern over Houthi shelling of Al-Dabba oil port


Location: Aden – Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:39

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Yemen

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Date: 10/23/2022


Citizens of Aden governorate in southern Yemen expressed concern over resumption of war after Houthis targeted Al-Dabba oil port in Hadhramaut governorate.

Houthi group had announced its operation of a drone attach on Al-Dabba oil port. Houthi forces announced earlier that targeting Al-Dabba oil port is to prevent looting of the country’s wealth, as they put it.

Political activist Mazen al-Shaabi told A24 that Houthis do not speak the language of peace, and they are incapable of dialogue, describing them as a terrorist group.

Several Arab and Western countries condemned Houthis targeting of the port, describing the attack as a dangerous escalation and blatant challenge to the international community and efforts made to end the crisis in Yemen.


– Soundbite (Mazen al-Shaabi – Political activist):

“Houthi group’s targeting of Al-Dabba oil port in Hadhramaut governorate is an attack on peace and humanity. Houthis are sending a message through this attack, of restarting the war. They targeted the vital facilities in Hadhramaut governorate. Houthi group is incapable of dialogue, it is a terrorist group that opposes peace.”

– Soundbite (Mohamed Aidarous – Citizen):

“Houthi group’s targeting of Al-Dabba oil port in Hadhramaut is a clear act for resumption of war. Houthis continually threaten oil companies and maritime navigation in the Arabian Sea. The attack puts the stability of oil market at risk. We hope the Arab coalition will take the necessary measures and restore stability.”

– Soundbite (Salem Abdullah – Citizen):

“Houthi group pretends to portray patriotism. They target military and economic facilities and pretend to protect Yemeni facilities. The oil port is an important economic landmark for southern Yemen and its people. The attack will lead to loss of business for the port.”

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