Yemen – Disinclination to study due to war and economic repercussions


Location: Taiz – Yemen

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Shooting date: 20-10-2022


Yemeni universities are witnessing a noticeable decline in the turnout of students in undergraduate education in Yemen, as the number of people enrolling in public and private universities continues to decrease annually.

Ongoing war has had a significant impact on the number of students enrolling in universities, which has become almost impossible for many Yemeni youth due to high university expenses.

Deteriorating living conditions have led to the disinclination of young people to pursue undergraduate education, as they are forced to join the workforce to support themselves and their families. The war led to the disinclination to continue studies among school students as well, in addition to the deterioration of the educational system in general in Yemen.

Riyad Al-Oqab, Vice President of University of Taiz, told A24 that the number of students enrolled in the university decreased this year, especially in faculties of Education, Science and Arts, adding that the decline resulted in suspension of studies in some departments of the mentioned faculties due to disinclination to enroll in them.

The war and deteriorating living conditions forced many students to abandon their studies, and face uncertainty, as they search for work, in Yemen or abroad, to support their families and provide for them. Some were even forced to join the front lines and fight.


– Soundbite (Zakaria Abdel Salam – Student who could not enroll in university):

“I am currently working in a blacksmith shop. I stopped studying because of the difficult living conditions and high prices. I work to support my family. I hope living conditions improve so I can return to school.”

– Soundbite (Hussam Seif – Student who could not enroll in university):

“I was forced to work because of high cost of living and transportation, so I must strive to make a living. I work in a grocery store, selling foodstuffs. It is difficult for me to study and work as well because m work takes up most of my time.”

– Soundbite (Ahmed Haddad – Student who could not enroll in university):

“Difficult living conditions prevented me from enrolling in university. I cannot afford to cover the daily expenses of university because of the high costs. I cannot pursue undergraduate education, because I’m the breadwinner in my family, so I have to work and support them instead of study.”

– Soundbite (Riyad Al-Oqab – Vice President of Taiz University):

“We noticed this year a significant decrease in students enrolled in the university, especially in three main faculties, Education, Science and Arts. The number of students who enrolled last year was 7,000, while this year only 4,500 students enrolled. The decline in numbers led to studies being suspended in some departments of the faculties I mentioned earlier, because no students enrolled in them. This makes us wonder about the reasons for disinclination to enroll in these three faculties in particular.”

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