Jordan – Public calls for protection from stray dogs in Jordan


Location: Madaba – Amman, Jordan

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:23

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Jordan

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Date: 16/10/2022


The spread of stray dogs in Jordanian residential areas and public streets in Amman and other governorates, has sparked outrage among the people as their numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. Human rights organizations have called for the implementation of intensive measures to protect the population from dogs that threaten peaceful community security in cities and villages.

Saleh Al-Saleh, the uncle of a child who died from a dog bite, told A24 that a dog attacked his nephew, who was seriously injured and died of the infection shortly after being hospitalized.

Imad Abu Yaqeen, director of the Technical Affairs and Hospitals Department at the Ministry of Health, told A24 that his ministry has developed a rabies vaccine that is given in two doses to prevent a possible infection from stray dogs.

Alaa Jarrar, a member of the Mercy Society for Animals, confirmed to A24 that the Greater Amman Municipality has begun implementing a global program to sterilize stray dogs.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee, Tayseer Krishan, indicated that stray dogs adversely affect citizens in terms of transmitting diseases to citizens by “biting” and infecting them with dangerous rabies.

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Soundbite (Saleh Al-Saleh – the uncle of a child died after being bitten by a dog):

“My nephew was standing by our house going to see his father when a dog attacked him and bit him in the throat. He was taken to the hospital immediately. 5 hours later the child died. His father and family suffered a nervous breakdown and are still traumatized by the incident.”

Soundbite (Imad Abu Yaqeen – Director of the Technical Affairs and Hospitals Department at the Ministry of Health):

“We perform surgical sterilization of dogs on site. We remove patients from the area and then wash the affected area with water and necessary sterilizers. The patient then takes two doses of rabies vaccine, one on the affected area and the other intramuscularly. In addition to Kokaz antibiotics and other antibiotics to avoid viral and bacterial infections.”

Soundbite (Alaa Jarrar – a member of Al-Rahmeh, Arabic for “mercy”, for Animals association):

“There is a very successful international program called the ABC Program, which aims to catch street dogs, surgically sterilize and vaccinate the dogs against rabies and release them back. The Amman Municipality began implementing this program, but the citizens did not accept the presence of dogs in residential neighborhoods.”

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