Yemen – Yemenis commemorate victory over British colonialism


Location: Aden, Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:01

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Yemen

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 13/10/2022


The October 14, 1963 revolution was launched in the southern regions of Yemen against British colonialism. It was launched from the Radfan Mountains under the leadership of Rajeh bin Ghalib Labouza, who was martyred on the day of the revolution. The colonial forces launched military campaigns that lasted for six months, during which they bombarded the peaceful villages and residents with various weapons, which led to the displacement of thousands of defenseless civilians. In their attacks and raids on Radfan, the British forces pursued a scorched-earth policy, leaving behind a humanitarian catastrophe. Every year, Yemenis celebrate the anniversary of the revolution against British colonialism to commemorate this day.

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Soundbite (Salah Al-Saqladi – Political Analyst):

“These celebrations confirm the great determination of the masses and their love for freedom and the liberation of all forms of colonialism and tyranny, whether internal or external. This fully confirms the societal and cultural awareness of all segments of society here in Aden and other governorates. Everyone hopes for a better future.”

Soundbite (Amal Ali – Member of the National Assembly of the Transitional Council):

“This celebration commemorates great events, especially of the previous generation, who made great sacrifices for the liberation of the country, which the existing generations celebrate now. They made great sacrifices to liberate the southern regions of this country and live in dignity.”

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