Yemen – Displaced persons struggle with rising food prices


Location – Al-Sha’ab camp – Al-Buraiqeh District – Aden – Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:41

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Aden

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Date: 09/26/2022


Repercussions of Russia-Ukraine war have exacerbated deteriorating economic conditions in Yemen that has been languishing in a bloody war for over seven years.

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in camps in Aden are living in difficult conditions due to rising prices of consumer goods, as local market prices are the highest recorded in years, especially wheat, about 40% of which is imported from Russia and Ukraine.

Nassiba Abdel-Baqi, in charge of IDPs in Al-Sha’ab camp, told A24 there is lack of aid from humanitarian organizations as a result of Russia-Ukraine war. She calls on international and Arab countries to provide urgent food aid for displaced persons in Aden.


– Soundbite (Abdo Ahmed – IDP):

“As a result of Russia-Ukraine war, aid stopped, as they used to provide us with flour, oil and sugar in quantities enough to last throughout the month. Now, however, we are only provided with 10 to 20 kilograms that are divided among 10 families, which is not enough.”

– Soundbite (Shima Abdo – IDP):

“The kitchen is empty, we have nothing to eat. We go to bed hungry. We have no flour, sugar or potatoes. Our situation is dire, me and my sisters go begging, but get nothing. We do not have money for food, because everything is so expensive.”

– Soundbite (Abdo Saeed – IDP):

“I cannot afford medicine, flour, sugar, oil or rice. I can only afford a potato, which I do not have often, as sometimes I have to make do with bread and tea. This has been the case since Ramadan. NGOs do not provide aid like they used to, so we cannot afford anything.”

– Soundbite (Nassiba Abdel-Baqi – In charge of IDPs in Al-Sha’ab camp):

“The poor condition of the camp is a result of Russia-Ukraine war and its repercussions on the Arab world in general and IDP camps in particular, including high cost of living and lack of aid from organizations, institutions and philanthropists. We appeal through this channel to Arab and international countries to provide food for displaced persons and solutions to resolve the issue of high prices of foodstuffs.”

– Soundbite (Abdullah Alawi – IDP)

“The war that lasted 8 years has caused a decline in our income. Repercussions of Russia-Ukraine war have affected foodstuffs that are daily consumables such as flour, fish, oils and sugar, as everything has risen in price in Aden, while citizens’ salaries remain unchanged.”

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