Yemen – Yemenis see better future as infrastructure repair starts in war damaged Aden


Location: Aden, Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:54

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Aden

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 21/09/2022


Several projects in Yemen’s Aden governorate started to maintain its infrastructure, including roads and parks to revive the city and restore its beauty after the destruction left by the 2015 war. Citizen interviewed by A24 welcomed these projects, calling for their supporting them to improve services.

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Soundbite (Saleh Ali Ahmed – road contractor):

“Projects began in the city after it was almost destroyed in the war. The city is already lacking in basic services and projects. Now, things are better. We hope that these projects will continue in all areas of Aden to be better and more beautiful than before. We’ve all seen how important some of these projects really are.”

Soundbite (Ahmed Sadiq – Yemeni man):

“One of the positive things that was implemented was the maintenance of damaged roads. Such things benefit the citizens. It’s a good initiative. Now the parks have spread in the city, which helped the people of Aden to unwind and go out of the bad conditions they lived during the war. We would like to thank the government and its members for these projects.”

Soundbite (Hamdi Najib – Citizen):

“These projects are a great move. It is good when you watch things started to recover, improve, and flourish. People started to feel the difference and to hang out. My family and I used to spend most of our time at home sitting watching TV and not going out. After they started repairing gardens and parks, we have places to go to. I hope that they will continue what they started by maintaining some other areas.”

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