Yemen – Military operation against militants in Shabwa


Location: Shabwa Governorate – Yemen

Language: Arabic


Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Aden

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 09/11/2022


Southern Joint Forces of the Southern Transitional Council resume military operation against “terrorist” organizations in Shabwa Governorate in southeast Yemen, to purge the governorate.

Commander in Shabwa Defense Forces of the Transitional Council told A24 that the southern Joint Forces have managed to take control of Wadi Mazhab and Wadi Sera in Shabwa, in addition to sites that armed organizations used as routes to Al-Bayda and Abyan governorate.

Shabwa Defense Forces of the Transitional Council issued a statement yesterday, Saturday;”Southern Joint Forces in Shabwa announce the launch of a large-scale military operation to purge the governorate of terrorist organizations.”


– Soundbite (Jalal Basaleh – Commander in Shabwa Defense Forces):

“We were able, through the steadfastness of our fighters in the Shabwa Defense Forces, Giants brigades and Joint Forces, to purge Wadi Mazhab and Wadi Sera of terrorists. We will chase them down to their last hideout in the south. We will not rest until there is no trace of them left.”

– Soundbite (Ahmed Nasser – Fighter in southern Joint Forces):

“The military operation lasted 24 hours, during which we were able to purge the city completely, including Wadi Sera and Wadi Mazhab, as well as sites they used as routes to Khora, Al-Bayda, and Abyan Governorate.”

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