Yemen – Mines threaten the lives of Yemenis even after war is over


Location: Taiz – Yemen

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24 in Yemen

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Date: 20/08/ 2022


Mines pose a threat to the lives of Yemeni civilians, as they can cause life altering injuries. Al-Massar demining program reported that, during the second week of August this year, it managed to clear 558 mines planted by Houthi militia in different regions in Yemen, including 12 anti-personnel mines, 278 anti-tank mines, and 266 unexploded ordnance.

Explosive mines cause permanent disabilities and impede the lives of civilians, which exacerbates the pain from war. A human rights activist told A24 that Houthis continue to plant mines in different areas of Yemen, including on roads, between houses and in agricultural lands, resulting in more civilian casualties, despite the fact that there are agreements that prohibit this action.

The number of mine casualties has reached 3 thousand in Taiz alone, and 20 thousand in all of Yemen. Activists and concerned organizations continue to call for the international community to put pressure on parties of the conflict, especially Houthi militia, to stop this violation of international law, as well as work to clear the mines that threaten the lives of Yemenis.


– Soundbite (Abdo Thabet – Cousin of mine casualty Muhammad Ghalib):

“A mine exploded in Haraz area, which is a hotspot, wounding Muhammad. His leg and part of his hand were amputated. His other leg is at risk of being amputated as well. He is currently receiving treatment.”

– Soundbite (Raghda Al-Maqtari – Human Rights Activist):

“Number of casualties in Taiz increased significantly since Houthi militia entered the city. There are agreements that prohibit planting mines, regardless whether targets are military forces or civilians. However, casualties are mainly civilians, as we find mines planted in unexpected areas, including on roads, in agricultural lands and rural areas.”

– Soundbite (Nour El-Din Al-Mansuri – Monitor in mine casualties):

“Houthis planting mines during the recent period has resulted in a large number of mine casualties, exceeding 10 thousand Yemeni civilians. I believe there are reports of 3 thousand mine casualties in Taiz and 20 thousand in Yemen. These numbers are large enough to prompt the international community to take immediate action against Houthi militia to stop these violations, and clear mines that pose a threat to civilians lives.”

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