Iraq – Tishreen Movement activists declare at a conference in Baghdad adherence to their demands and neutrality


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:09

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Baghdad

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Date: 15/08/ 2022


A group of Tishreen movement activists held a conference in Iraqi capital Baghdad titled “Iraqi Protest Movement”, during which they declared adherence to implementing their demands of forming a government of national salvation, changing the government system to presidential or semi-presidential, writing a new constitution in line with public aspirations, as well as reforming the judicial system soit performs its duty of holding the corrupt and killers accountable.

Tishreen movement activists emphasized the importance of conveying their demands to United Nations envoys in Iraq. Participants declared their neutrality at the conference, saying they are adamant to keep all competing political forces at arms length. They noted their refusal to take sides in any conflict that revolves around the interests of blocs and parties, rather than the interests of the public.


Soundbite (Nashwan Al-Nahi – Participant from Wasit Governorate):

“Our participation in the protest movement conference is to emphasize the need to declare our position regarding ongoing events. We also want to reiterate our demands of 2019 October Revolution.”

Soundbite (Zainab Ghaleb – Member of the organizing committee of Nisour Square protests):

“The protests we organized a few week ago in Nisour Square were for reiterating demands of October Revolution, the most important of which is overthrowing the political system. Our demands also include forming a national salvation government, changing the government system to presidential or semi-presidential, writing a new constitution, as well as reforming the judicial system so it performs its duty; to hold the corrupt and killers of protesters accountable.”

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