Jordan – Fuhais launches 30th edition of its cultural, heritage and artistic festival


Location: Fuheis, Jordan

Language: Arabic

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Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Jordan

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Date: 10/08/2022


Thousands of Jordanians flocked Wednesday night to the town of Fuheis, located between the cities of Amman and Salt, to attend the opening of the thirtieth session of the annual Fuheis Festival. This year, the festival, which began at seven pm, bore the name of the late Minister of Culture Grace Samawi, in appreciation of his great contributions to the Jordanian and Arab cultures. Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Nayef Al-Fayez attended the event, representing Prince Al-Hassan bin Talal. Festival administration seeks to present a variety of cultures, arts and exhibitions. The opening ceremony included a lyrical operetta titled “Land of Peace” presented by the Palestinian Independence Band, addressing national aspects. It was followed by Egyptian artistic performances by a group of Egyptian Opera House stars. The festival also includes heritage and art exhibitions of local handicrafts in addition to concerts.

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Soundbite (Ayman Samawi – Director of the Fuheis Festival):

“The Fuheis Festival conveys a national message and is an example of national tourism. It reflects a civilized image of Jordan at the level of the Arab world. It needs more support to perform its mission and to compete with international and regional festivals.”

Soundbite (Hadi Batarseh – one of the attendees):

“We are happy to come every year to Fuheis to attend this festival. The atmosphere suits families; we do not hesitate to bring our children with us. We are more pleased with the presence of Arab and Jordanian artists. The activities here are wonderful.”

Soundbite (Mohammed Qandah – leader of the Palestinian Independence band):

“We are happy to be among the Jordanian people, and we consider ourselves as one people. We are pleased to share joy with Jordanians and put a smile on their faces to highlight the deep relationships and strengthen bonds that unites the Jordanian and Palestinian peoples.

Soundbite (Mohamed Mounir – Head of the Central Department of Oriental Music at the Egyptian Opera House):

“We are pleased to attend the opening of the Fuheis Festival. This reflects the strong relations between the Egyptian and Jordanian peoples and between the two countries as well. Our presence at the opening ceremony confirms that this festival is a music festival that aims to present authentic art.

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