Iraq – Sport improves lives of women cancer patients in Sulaymaniyah


Location: Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Language: Arabic + Kurdish

Duration: 00:03:34

Sound: Natural

Source: A24 in Sulaymaniyah

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Date: 24/06/ 2022


Doctors at a public hospital in northern Kurdistan say sports therapy improves outcomes for women patients in their care.

A three-year study by oncologist Ghazi Ali showed positive effects for participants at the Hiwa Cancer Hospital in Sulaymaniyah. Where seventy out of one hundred and twenty patients examined are now in complete remission.

Patients agree that exercise is one of the most important ways to support cancer treatment and enhance their physical response to chemotherapy and resistance to cancer cells.

Sport increases the immune system’s effectiveness while under medication and during recovery, reducing the odds of recurrence.

Women at the hospital’s “Hope Group” say sport helped them rid their bodies of toxins during chemotherapy. 

Perhaps as importantly, they say exercise improved their peace of mind and increased hope for recovery.


– Soundbite (Dr. Ghazi Ali – Hematologist/Oncologist):

            “Sport today is an essential part of treatment of cancer patients, as it is listed in the international health protocols in developed countries. Sport does not prevent cancer but it helps enhance patients physical resistance to cancer cells and response to chemotherapy. Sport increases the effectiveness of the while receiving doses, and during recovery period, as it reduces the chances of recurrence.”

– Soundbite (Shahla Ali – Head of the Hope Group):

            “The main goal of this group is to finish treatment and achieve full recovery. We are a group of women who are cancer patients at Hiwa Cancer Hospital. Sport is the most important part of treatment for cancer, it gives peace of mind and inner calm.”

– Soundbite (Sabiha Mohiedin – Cancer patient):

            “I have been exercising in this gymnasium for three years, and results have been completely positive. We are currently receiving chemotherapy, but we need to rid our bodies of the toxins. The best ways to do that are by walking, climbing or swimming, as we need to cleanse our bodies of the toxins by sweating while exercising.”

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