Palestine – Rising prices decrease purchasing power at the Corner Market in Gaza.


Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:56

Sound: Normal

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Dateline: 03/04/2022


The Corner Market is one of the oldest markets in Gaza. People from different areas buy everything they need items from it. The market sells all kinds of consumables. The sellers await the month of Ramadan each year as they achieve the most sales during this period. However, sellers are complaining about low sales and a decrease in purchasing power. The reasons for which include the rising prices, lack of job opportunities, low income and salary cuts of a high number of employees due to the blockade.


Soundbite (Abu Hussam Abu Shaaban – Store owner in Corner Market):

            “Happy Ramadan to all. People await Ramadan every year with joy. They prepare for it by buying related products and cosumables. This year however, sales are low because of the rising prices. Products are now twice the price they used to be. Purchases are now made for the day only since people have no money to spare.”

Soundbite (Mahmoud Murtaji – Citizen):

            “People usually come to the market a week or two before Ramadan to buy consumables such as dates. However, this year sales are low because of the blockade and salary cuts. The purchasing power has decreased because of the rising prices. People can not afford to buy much.”

Soundbite (Bassam Al-Bahtimi – Citizen):

            “Ramadan is a time for us to stand together and support each other hoping for better conditions. Prices are too high while income is too low. People work for low pay that doesn’t cover much of their living expenses.”

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