Iraq- A Young Man with Down Syndrome Makes a Living through Handmade Artwork


Location: Sulaymaniyah – Iraq

Language: Kurdish

Voice:  natural

Duration: 00:03:20

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 11-02-2022


Daniel Taher, a 22 years-old man from Sulaymaniyah, makes his living through working in handicraft despite having Down Syndrome. Through his distinctive work, Daniel sets an example of inspiration and determination. Throughout a span of 4 years, he learned handmade crafts by watching YouTube videos, and currently, he runs his own business. He also participates in exhibitions to market his artwork.


-SOUNDBITE ( Daniel Taher- a man with Down Syndrome)

  • For 4 years, I have been working in handicrafts. I mainly use stones and wood in my artwork. I participate in exhibitions to showcase my handmade artwork. My advice to youths is to learn new crafts and professions. It would be my pleasure to train them if they wanted to.

-SOUNDBITE ( Daniel Taher- a man with Down Syndrome)

I showcase my artwork at shopping festivals. I usually arrange my art pieces nicely to appeal to visitors. I make my living by selling those pieces

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