Iraq-Gole Resort in Sulaymaniyah Suffers Negligence


Location: Sulaymaniah – Iraq

Language: Kurdish

Voice:  natural

Duration: 00:04:19

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 29-01-2022


Although Gole Resort in Penjwen is among the most stunning nature spots in Kurdistan due to its majestic springs and snowy mountains, the place receives a low number of tourists. The resort is neglected as it lacks tourism facilities. In this respect, the resort administration demanded the tourism directorate pay greater attention in order to revive the place, adding that it would be a tourist attraction that would boost the economy and generate incomes for residents

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-SOUNDBITE ( Ako Saeed- supervisor in the resort

The resort is usually crowded with tourists during the summer and spring but unfortunately in winter, people can’t easily come because of the snow piles on the roads. Therefore, I demand officials in the tourism sector pay attention especially during winter

  SOUNDBITE (Spokesperson for Sulaimani Tourism Directorate Aram Shwani) 

Tourism investment budgets are somehow low especially in winter. This is coupled with the fact that the government has no strategic program for winter tourism

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