Iraq – “Made In Lebanon” exhibition concludes in Baghdad with a poor turnout


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:19

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 27-01-2022


The eight-day exhibition, Made in Lebanon, was concluded in Baghdad International Fair, with the participation of more than fifty companies specialized in the medical, construction, health, and food industries and services, however, the turnout was not as expected, according to Lebanese businessmen. They referred to the weakness of the bodies that promoted the exhibition to introduce the offered products to Baghdadi citizens, but they confirmed their participation in the upcoming exhibitions after seeing the families buy their goods despite their limited quantity over the past few days.

Shot list:

  • (SOUNDBITE) Rami Mokaddam – Sanitary and Cosmetic Industries Company:

“This is our first participation in Baghdad, we were very excited about this exhibition, we know how much the Iraqis love the Lebanese people and the Lebanese products. There was no such turnout at the exhibition as we wanted, people came, saw the products and appreciated the quality, but the promotion wasn’t successful, but it was a nice experience, not a last as we would like to come again”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Ahmed Labadi – Lebanese Food Sales Agent:

“We were for this nice opportunity and get to know the people of Baghdad and Baghdad. The participation in the exhibition was poor but the people who came and tried the products were very happy. Some people come every day and bring other people, but we wished the turnout to be better in the coming days, and the upcoming exhibitions are better. We will return and participate again.”

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