Sri Lanka – Villagers affected by the authorities’ failure to repair roads


Villagers of several villagers in the Higurakgoda area are suffering due to the decrepitated main road leading to the villagers. The people in these villagers encounter difficulties when traveling to the city for their jobs or any other purposes and the situation worsens during the rainy season. School children in the area are most affected, and some of them don’t attend their schools, according to the villagers. Despite informing political representatives and government officials, none of them provided solutions to their problem. According to the villagers, there’s a conflict between two groups of politicians regarding the construction of the road. Though this construction was started about five times during the last few years, the contractor has not yet completed it. The villagers say that the road constructions which have finished up to now are non-standard. Some parts of those constructions are already broken. They said that the Dengue mosquitoes are spreading because the water in the drainage system has been aggregated without flowing, and some of the villagers are currently suffering from the disease. The villagers are deeply worried because their requests have been neglected for years in a period where major roads, including highways, are constructed.

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