Iraq- Tishreen Uprising’s Movement Calls for Combating Corruption in Iraq


In the wake of the formation of the new Iraqi parliament, Tishreen (October) uprising’s movement along with other allied powers called for combating corruption and holding involved members accountable, after deep-rooted corruption has had its toll on the countries’ institutions, not to mention that it has sapped the country’s economic wealth. During the press conference, they also clamored for meeting people’s demands and enacting anti-corruption laws. These demands came before holding the first parliamentary session, scheduled for tomorrow. Former deputies pointed out that most of the powerful figures who were in charge of the former parliament were reelected. The bulk of them was accused of looting the county’s resources and were blamed for the political and economic instability that engulfed Iraq. Therefore, The Tishreen (October) uprising’s movement and other high-profile figures made it clear that they won’t condone repeating the same disastrous scenarios that were manifested in the legislative and executive authorities.

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