Sri Lanka –Sri Lanka attempts to balance its international relations between competing countries


The Sri Lankan Navy has conducted joint exercises with Japan, after receiving two Japanese naval ships arrived at the Port of Colombo in October, in addition to a warship received earlier which is expected to be converted to an aircraft carrier in the future. This reflects the regional and international competition over establishing a foothold in Sri Lanka especially if the Colombo Port city initiated its functioning after 2025, therefore it will become the regional financial hub that might threaten India, America, and European countries since China seeks to strengthen their financial capacity and Political power in another sovereign state pushing Indian investors to come to invest their money in Port City, and it might channel some of India’s capital inflow to Port City and Indian Casio ventures might come into Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan government exerts efforts to balance its relations between the competing axis that include Japan, the United States, India, and China, not to anger any of them.

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