Yemen – Aden hosts consultative meeting to discuss the importance of Riyadh Agreement


A consultative meeting was conducted in Aden by the Transitional Council Decision-Making Support Center entitled “Riyadh Agreement between Reality and Ambition”, with the participation of a group of academics, politicians, and owners of research and studies centers, to discuss the importance of the Riyadh Agreement as it comes under the auspices of the Arab Coalition and Kingdom Saudi Arabia leadership. The participants emphasized that the purpose of the consultative meeting is to inform the Transitional Council and the people of the southern governorates about the procedures, tasks, and duties that the Yemeni government should undertake towards the people of Aden and other southern governorates, as well as to where the faltering Riyadh Agreement will go as a result of the Yemeni government’s reluctance, especially when it comes to paying their wages and providing them with essential services, which have become political blackmail papers in the hands of the Yemeni government.






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