Iraq- Baghdad Hosts ‘I’m Iraqi, I read book’ 8th Festival


Under the theme “I’m Iraqi, I read books”, the book festival was launched, after exceptional preparation in Abu Nawas Park, marking its 8th anniversary. More than 30,000 copies of books were donated to thousands of writers in the fields of science, culture, and literature. Remarkably, those books were collected by a group of 50 volunteers. The event was distinguished with an unprecedented attendance of thousands of youths and families. It is worth mentioning that the festival aims at shedding light on the necessity of reading by disseminating knowledge and science and by eliminating radicalism and ignorance. Moreover, organizers voiced their aspirations of collecting 50 thousand books for the next festival, in an attempt to set a world record. The festival showcased a kids’ play organized by the Ministry of Interior, along with hosting a corner for free-hand drawing and sketching, and a photo gallery for poets and authors.


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