Yemen- Al-Samiya camp displaced people live in difficult situations under aid cuts


The constant bombing of Houthi groups compelled thousands of civilians in Ma’rib Governorate to forcibly flee into the unknown, leaving the homes that they built over the years of their lives, to live in harsh humanitarian conditions, in displacement camps that do not protect them from the cold of winter nor the heat of summer, while amid the lack of aid provided to them by international associations and organizations, their conditions have deteriorated. Like other camps, the displaced people of the Sumaiya camp in the Al-Wadi district, eastern Ma’rib governorate, eastern Yemen, face inadequate living conditions. Meanwhile, the director of the executive unit of the camps for the displaced in the city appealed to the international community for assistance and aid in the field of shelter, water, food, and protection, after the number of displaced people surpassed sixty thousand until October, due to the continuing Houthi attacks.


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