Iraq –Second Baghdad International Theater and Cinema Festival Kicks off


In a press conference, Iraq Cinema and Theatre Foundation announces the reopening Al-Rasheed theatre in Baghdad after more than 18 years of closure, and announced its preparations for the second Baghdad International Festival for Theater and Iraqi Cinema launches on the 20th of this month and shall last for six days, in participation of Arab countries such as Jordan, Oman, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and European countries such as France, Belgium, Italy and Germany will participate in theatrical and cinematic performances. The Festival’s award will be going for the best artistic performance that meets international standards, according to the evaluation of judges from European and Arab countries in addition to Iraq. Zahra Al-Jubouri, Second Baghdad International Festival Director of Media and Relations, said that the festival activities were launched on the stage of Al-Rasheed Theater under the slogan (Theater illuminates life), noting that Al-Rasheed Theater is a cultural monument that is engraved in the memories of Iraqi people and witnessed so many performances.



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