Cambodia – “New Hope School” continues its educational mission towards children


 The “New Hope” non-governmental school, established in 2007 in Mondul Bai Village, Siem Reap Province, continues providing free education for children and young people and supporting poor families financially, as the majority of the villagers suffer from grim financial conditions, and most of the men are unemployed. According to Sokheng Boun, the program director of the New Hope School, the school receives funds from supporters and volunteers who carry out construction and maintenance work for free in the school and for some poor families, in addition to the I-Herb Charitable Foundation that provides about 50% of its support, adding that there are other sponsorship programs where a person can make a $ 40 monthly donation to fund students and enable them to study. Boun appealed to donors and charitable institutions around the world to provide support for students so they can get free education and improve their life for the better in this poor area.




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